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Use Kanban and Lean Principles to Increase Team Throughput 5 Fold

Going from 1 Platform to 5

In this article originally featured in PM World Journal, Ruby Tomar shares her story of managing five platforms through the use of Kanban and lean principles. What makes her story remarkable is how she used the same team which earlier only delivered one platform.

Lean Principles Make It Possible

The article starts with some background: the Platform Program Manager is “accountable for a stable delivery of all the platform features.” This includes requirements, prototypes, team management, and product manufacturing.  This is certainly a difficult job and often means that the Platform Program Manager can only do so much at once, but through the use of lean principles and Kanban, Tomar enabled her employees to do more:

Following Kanban in the project, the average delivery rate has gone up and with the same head count the team was able to handle two more Platforms with different inkjet technologies, while increasing the throughput by 10%. Due to controlling the WIP and clear prioritization, there has been reduction in cycle time, increased quality of deliverables, reduction in the stress levels of the team and higher motivation levels.

Influenced by the success of this program, two managers in the section have successfully adopted Kanban and have considerably improved their team’s throughput.

With a 39.5% reduction in false defects and an increase in bandwidth due to that reduction, Tomar’s teams saved the company money and increased throughput significantly.

To read the full article, click here: http://pmworldjournal.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/PMWJ-Sep2012-TOMAR-IncreasingTeamThroughput-AdvisoryArticle.pdf

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