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Motivation, Productivity, and Change Management

Motivation, Productivity, and Change Management are very closely linked. Proper motivation can increase productivity. Attempts to increase productivity can decrease motivation. Change Management can significantly impact productivity and motivation. There must be a balance. Here are some suggestions:

1. Define the meaining of productivity based on organizational goals. Productivity must be measurable and objective

2. Job responsibilities, career growth, and rewards must be defined in a way that directly or indirectly supports the goals of the organization. This increases motivatation and productivity.

3. Organizations should establish a culture of change where changes are both scheduled, expected, and managed. In other words, when Change should be the norm it is expected and there is less resistance. Acceptance of change should be rewarded which increases motivation and productivity.

4. Morale affects productivity, motivation, and Change acceptance. Sports teams undersand the importance of morale in achieving goals. Too many employers and managers are unconcerned with morale.

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