Delivering Business Value

IT’s Perception of Value

Many IT organizations believe they are delivering value by simply keeping the existing system up and running and making changes when requested by the business.  Is this enough?  Does the business perceive this as value?

What is the value of the system they are running?  Is anyone using the applications?  How well does the system support the current requirements and long-term strategy of the business?

Keeping the existing capability available, may not be contributing value if the existing capability does not support the changing needs of the business.  IT would deliver more value if they would assess the ability of the existing system to provide benefits to the business and make recommendations for leveraging techonology to support the business objectives.  Too often, IT waits for the business to tell them how they want to leverage technology.  That is like having patients diagnose themselves and telling their doctor how to treat them.   The doctor diagnoses and makes recommendations and the patient makes decisions on which treatment option to choose.  IT should play a similar role by recommending to the business and the business should be the decision maker on which option to pick.

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